The new ecosystem of construction is here

Welcome to sustainable collaboration, where the environmental challenges of construction are solved utilizing circular economy!

Trifami 3D LTD

What is it about?

Trifami 3D was born when we were looking at how to make more efficient use of demolished concrete. At a time when the world is full of disused concrete cells, there is also a need to build new ones. We thought that if we could find a way to process demolished concrete into new concrete, we could not only solve the problem of recycling concrete, but also provide a more environmentally friendly material for new construction. To our delight, we were able to develop a solution: we now have a unique way to turn recycled concrete, or more specifically demolition concrete rubble, into a new type of neoconcrete mix. We have applied for protection for our unique method of using demolished concrete as new concrete. Our method patent covers both the recipe for neoconcrete and a well-defined method for the production and commercialisation of neoconcrete.

Trifami 3d LTD

Building together and sustainably

Our aim is to develop the construction industry in an ecological and innovative way. This is underpinned by major objectices such as developing Finland’s circular economy and rebuilding disaster areas. This is possible with the right technology, auch as 3D printing, the use of demolition materials and bringing the right actors together.
Recycling construction waste on construction sites is one of the most important ways to reduce carbon emissions. However, the environmental impact of recycling construction waste is not the only reason to promite it: it also makes life easier for contactors, reduces constructions, logistics and landfill costs, and enables the construction of cheaper houses.

Trifami 3D coordinate an ecosystem

1. The Company dismantles an processes the demolition material
2. Processes the demolition material and produces recycled raw materials for own use and for sale
3. Manufactures its own recycled products, for example using 3D printing
4. Owns and sells intangible assets for the reuse of recycled concrete