Students of constuction technology at Häme University of Applied Sciences were tasked to design products from neocast concrete

We have cooperated with Häme University of Applied Sciences HAMK. In the most recent cooperation project, small groups of early-stage civil engineering students were able to develop various products using neoconcrete in their construction. 

The students were given the following task: 

  • Design a product from neoconcrete and make a moulded and 3D image of this product. 
  • The product must be environmentally friendly and contain neoconcrete. 
  • Make a report on what the circular economy means and what neoconcrete is.

At the end of the project, all 16 groups presented their reports and products to us. The main learning from this project was to increase our understanding of the potential uses of neoconcrete. It was also great to see that a wide variety of products can be developed from neoconcrete – only your imagination is the limit!