Trifami 3D TEAM

Creators of the future

Timo Sollo

Chairman of the Board
Innovator & Founding member

You can contact me about: Business and customer networks, public relations and responsibility

“What I enjoy most about being an entrepreneur and creating new innovations is that I can do and work with all my heart. Trifami 3D was founded to create good and new things. With this team we will take it far, because everything we do will be sustainable in the future.”

Reetta-Maria Tolonen-Salo

Founding member

You can contact me about: Business and customer cooperation

“Ideas come and go. It’s how you turn those ideas into reality that counts. I get excited when we set ambitious goals, but I get even more excited when we actually do the work and achieve those goals. It’s an honour to be part of building a more sustainable tomorrow!” 

Mika Lauhde

Advisor to the Board
Expert in international business development, public relations and cybersecurity

You can contact me about: International cooperation

“Working for the common good is important to me. I am convinced that in Trifami 3D we are on the right track, facing the right problems. My experience in high-tech companies around the world, especially in the US, EU, China, Middle East and Far East, and my work as an advisor on global privacy and telecoms regulations, will help Trifami 3D to move forward in international markets. A more sustainable tomorrow will not come on its own, but must be worked for.” 

Eino Jokinen

IPR Specialist

You can contact me about: Product Licensing and Productisation Cooperation Agreements

“I get excited about developing new things and putting them into practice year after year. It’s great to use my expertise in IPR and its practical implementation as part of Trifami’s success.”

Sami Niku-Paavo

Executive Vice President

You can contact me about: Neoconcrete products and production, use of circular economy materials in construction

“I have been involved in a wide range of construction projects for more than 17 years, so I have a good idea of how things are done. I have a strong will to be involved in solving the environmental challenges of construction and I believe that we at Trifami 3D have the right tools to do it.”

Josefiina Sollo

Communication and Project Coordinator

You can contact me about: Media communication, website and social media

“Growing up in an entrepreneurial family has made me persistent, creative and human. I think these same values reflect the way Trifami 3D is and works. These are the things that enable us to make a difference – talking just is not enough.”

Laura Hildén

Communications Specialist

You can contact me about: Communications, Sustainability and community Relations

“I am motivated by solving big societal challenges and building a sustainable future. Green building and resource-wise building materials play a key role in the future carbon-neutral circular economy, and it’s great to be involved in developing innovative solutions for it. Trifami is on the right track.”