Sustainable business

Business idea

We want to develop the construction industry ecologically and innovatively by creating an ecosystem which utilizes existing demolition materials as efficiently as possible, and to produce buildings using new technologies together with a network of partners.


  • Ecology – the cornerstone of our operations is to reduce the burden on Earth
  • Communality – our activities are based on multidisciplinary expertise and combining ideas
  • Responsibility – we have a conscience to take responsibility for both the environment and people
  • Positivity – we are constructive towards challenges and always aim to find solutions
  • Development – new ideas, technologies and processes enable our activities, through which we contribute to building a better future
  • Equality – we strive to address challenges at a global level for the benefit of all humankind
  • Humanity – we use man-made technology and ideas to benefit people

Vision 2025

Trifami 3D LTD is an innovator in the construction industry – an expert in the circular economy, promoter and implementer, a pioneer in the utilization of construction waste, a promoter of carbon neutrality and a humanitarian actor.

  • Economic
  • Our turnover is more than 3 ME
  • Customers and markets
  • We operate in Finland and elsewhere in Europe
  • Our services are used by private individuals as well as by public and third sector actors
  • Products and services
  • Utilization of demolition waste
  • Recipe for recycled concrete
  • Mobile container solution
  • 3D technology in new build construction
  • Ecosystem coordination
  • Resources
  • We directly employ 10 people
  • There are several service providers in our network
  • We are a major partner

Construction site process

Sorting of demolition waste

Concrete and wood


Recycled concrete into building material and wood biochar for infrastructure construction

New construction

Reuse of materials


For the time being, the reused concrete material is used in civil engineering, but not yet in building construction.


Bricks can be utilized in the same way as concrete, but brick no longer achieves its previous properties when reused.


Can be used not only in 3D printing, but also in civil engineering and heat production.


Can be used as an insulation material in building construction and in civil engineering.