Trifami 3D involved in implementing Circular Economy Design in Iittala Village

Iittala Village is a village celebrating Finnish design in Iittala, Hämeenlinna, attracting travellers from far and wide to enjoy a unique environment and art experiences. 

This summer in Iittala Village, you can admire Kiertotalous Design from 1.8.2022, which also features the handiwork of Trifam. The aim of the Circular Economy Design project is to highlight Iittala’s values, where waste materials are given a new life in the form of art. 

One of the main objectives of the Iittala glass factory is to minimise the amount of cullet generated at the factory. We recycle most of the clear cullet ourselves, while the majority of the coloured cullet goes to the construction industry as raw material. The rest of the cullet is used, for example, for various works of art. In this way, all the waste glass produced at the glass factory is recycled,” says Taija Toivonen, CI Coordinator at the Iittala glass factory. 

A new life for concrete anf broken glass in the form of art

Trifam’s task in this unique project was to design and realise several artworks in Iittala Village, using only waste materials such as concrete and broken glass. 

In this project, we are using crushed concrete and crushed glass to create new artworks. This is the perfect way to bring the circular economy principle to life, as we use old materials to give new life to products,” says Sami Niku-Paavo, Product Manager at Trifami 3D Oy.

©Josefiina S. / Trifami 3D
Working together for a sustainable and beautiful outcome

Once again, the key to this project was effective cooperation between local businesses and the city. We at Trifam are very happy to have the honour of being involved in this project and to bring our expertise to bear on an important issue. 

The concrete pieces of Iittala Village and the shaped art station canopy are the result of cooperation between business and urban development in Hämeenlinna,” says Pia Niemikotka, Business and Urban Development Services Developer at Linnan Kehitys Oy. 

Find out more about the Circular Economy Design project via this video (subtitles available in english):